The Seed Project in Three Easy Steps


1. Get Seeds Here! *


2. Grow Your Project


3. Upload your images here!



Please Contact David Cohen at 917-526-3978

to inquire about options for ordering.


What is the Seed Project?

The idea is simple, plant your seeds, seedlings, trees, crops, etc. and document what you grow. You can document and stage of the planting or growth. You are allowed to upload up to 5 images at a time. If you would to upload more than 5 images you have to start another submittal form, although you can keep all the information the same so they will come up near each other when you search for keywords. The best way you locate any given project is to use the Search Field box. 

The Seed Project is growing quickly all over the world. More and more people are growing seeds and creating art projects.










By planting the Seeds you connecting with like minded people from all over the world who want to see a more sustainable future. The simple act of planting is an impowering experience and the care required to take care of your plant is a good beginning to learning how to take care of each other and the planet.



Who is elligable for to participate in the Seed Project?


Anyone can participate in the Seed Project. There currently is no login requirement so you will not have to create a password or user name. Just fill out the project information form and upload your picture(s) here.


How do I participate in the Seed Project? To participate in the Seed Project, just purchase these seeds at this website, we will mail you the seeds. Follow the planting instructions and grow away.Grow them in a creative way if you like. Once they grow give us a picture and we will include it in the "Virtual Field." The planter can choose to grow any seeds they wish and can include seedlings such as trees. We ask growers to respect local habitats as not to inadvertently spread invasive species.


What if I just want to plant the seeds like I always do?

Alot of people participate in the Seed Project are gardeners and just want to plant their seeds like they always do. There is no requirement to plant them in any unusual way, although we encourage it.


I've never planted seeds before, what if my seeds don't grow?

That's quite alright, the idea of the project is to plant the seeds. It's a small step but it still counts. We would like a picture anyways.


What if I'm a company and want to buy several seeds?

We sell packages of seeds in bulk to organizations and companies in bulk.


What is the goal of the project?

Our goal is to spread the Seed Project as widely as possible to create a new culture of creative sustainability. We believe if everyone planted seeds in creative ways the world would be a better place.


I'm a teacher and want to introduce the Seed Project to my class.

Teachers are encouraged to by the seed packages at a discounted rate. We can provide some free curriculum ideas to get you started. We also go into classrooms in the New York City area to assist teachers in implementing the Seed Project.


I have no access to land, how can I plant seeds?

The Seed Project is designed so everyone participate. We supply basil seeds, which can be easily grown inside with a good amount of light, so access to land is not required. 

Why should I participate in the Seed Project?


Where does the profit go?

The money we make goes a long way to fund creative seed planting programs with schools in New York City, a place where children have little exposure to nature.

Are these seeds invasive? Invasive species are a huge global problem costing nations billions of dollars a year to fight. Always plant seeds in a controlled way, either in your garden or in a container. It's best to research a seed before planting to see if it is potential problem.



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